Study in Austria
Why Austria?
  • International recognition of diploma
  • Affordable tuition fees
  • Wide range of specialties

The benefits of studying in Austria

  • High quality of education
  • Tuition fee varies from 386 €
  • Possibility to enter the university right after school often without entrance exams
  • Teaching both in German and English
  • Learning German is possible at university preparatory courses during study
  • It is possible to combine learning with work. Bachelor students have the right to work 10 hours a week;master students - 20 hours.
  • Most teachers are practitioners and work for international companies and organizations.

Higher education in Austria is a great choice for those who wish to receive high-quality education at affordable prices. The benefits of obtaining higher education in Austria are international recognition of a diploma, affordable tuition fees, a wide range of specialties, the possibility of admission without the knowledge of German and entrance exams (except for medicine and creative specialties), lack of age restrictions for entrants.

Teaching at Austrian universities is mainly conducted in German, except some master's programs which are taught in English. To enroll in programs without an entrance exam, it is enough to provide documents about previously obtained education. 

Higher education

Language courses

Required documents
  • Confirmation of financial security
  • Certificate confirming that the student can continue his/hers studies in the higher educational institution in the same area
  • German language proficiency certificate
  • School leaving certificate or university degree
  • CV or motivational letter
  • Copy of the ID with personal data
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