Work in China
The only thing required is English

This program offers 1-year contract in China for English teachers aged 21-55.

Our partner is JayRay School. It offers full support for teachers.

You will get help from the school in adapting to your new life in China.

It guarantees accommodation, meals, health care, insurance, help with setting up a bank account and also returns travel expenses to and from China.

Diploma of English teacher is not required. However, this can significantly affect your earnings.

Teachers have 5 lessons a day. They also have the ability to take private lessons.

Monthly salary starts at  $ 1000. It depends on the position taken, as well as on the level of your education and experience.

Картинки по запросу робота в китаї вчитель англійської

Work in China is a proposition for English language teachers who are passionate about travel and teaching. There is an incredible opportunity to work as an English language teacher in China and teach children, teenagers and adults. It’s a great way to experience unforgettable adventure in China, get to know other cultures, try new culinary tastes and make new interesting contacts.

We also offer Education in China.


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