Goethe University of Frankfurt


Johann Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt is among the ten largest universities in Germany. The university is named after Johan Wolfgang von Goethe who was born in Frankfurt, the erudite famous for his exclusive contributions to literature, science, and philosophy. Founded in 1914 on private costs, University of Frankfurt, nevertheless, became one of the first "public universities" and further its history developed as a history of one of the most open for general public universities. At the moment the University of Frankfurt is the only university in Germany which is completely funded by the state.

- Bachelor program - €300
- Master program - €361
- Ph.D. program - €350

The university offers preparation for Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. programs on the following faculties:
- Faculty of Law
- Faculty of Economics
- Faculty of Social Sciences
- Faculty of Pedagogy
- Faculty of Psychology and Sports Science
- Faculty of Evangelic Theology
- Faculty of Catholic Theology
- Faculty of Philosophy and History 
- Faculty of Linguistic and Cultural Studies
- Faculty of New Philology
- Faculty of Geology and Geography
- Faculty of Informatics and Mathematics
- Faculty of Physics
- Faculty of Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Pharmaceutics
- Faculty of Biology
- Faculty of Medicine

Some Master's degree programs may be available in English.

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