Higher education in USA

Are you interested in higher education in the USA?

Then the UniStudy program is for you. UniStudy partners with more than 50 colleges and universities across the United States. We will assist you in choosing a school, as well as enrolling in undergraduate, postgraduate and graduate programs. And, most importantly, with us students will receive a discount on studying, living and board up to 60% for all years of study. The minimum cost per year will be 13,000 USD.

We provide access to scholarships, which partially cover the cost of study + accommodation and board.

Our partners cooperate with institutions which are much cheaper than most US universities. Our universities are selected on the basis of the price-quality ratio. All the educational institutions we offer have the same degree of accreditation.

Leave your inquiry or call us and we will provide you with more detailed information and help you select the university.


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