Free education after 9th grade
  • Free education
  • European education system
  • Diploma with work permit in Europe

Peculiarities of studying in technical schools of Poland

  • Education in technical schools of Poland is free because it is fully funded by the state.
  • No entrance exams.
  • Studying lasts 5 years.
  • In each educational institution two foreign languages are studied.
  • Educational practice is conducted in the countries of Europe.
  • Students live in state-owned dormitories near the educational institution. Each dormitory provides round-the-clock care for pupils from qualified tutors.
  • Graduates pass examinations to obtain a certificate of complete secondary education, as well as special exams for a diploma that gives the right to work in Poland and other European countries.

Extra fee:

  • Residence ≈ 50 PLN per month;
  • Board ≈ 300 PLN per month;
  • Textbooks ≈ 250 PLN per year;
  • Insurance  ≈ 50 PLN per month;
  • Guardian  50 PLN per month;


  • Graduation certificate of 9th Grade
  • Birth Certificate
  • International passport
  • Medical certificate
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