Vienna University of Technology

Vienna University of Technology (German: Technische Universität Wien, abbr. TU Wien) is one of the biggest universities in Vienna, founded in 1815. 

The popularity of the Vienna University of Technology is defined by its applied character. A great attention is paid to the practical aspects of study in the university: internships at the industrial enterprises of the region, participation in research developments on request of the manufacturing companies and other events of similar orientation are compulsory additions to the study of academic disciplines. 

Tuition fees at the Vienna Technical University, depending on the student's nationality, varies from € 18 to € 744 per semester.

The University offers education programs in the following departments:

Faculty of Mathematics and Information Systems
Faculty of Physics
Faculty of Technical Chemistry
Faculty of Informatics
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Faculty of Architecture and Regional Planning
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Production Organization
Faculty of Electrical and Information Engineering

Some Master's degree programs may be available in English.

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