Studying in Germany
Why Germany?
  • Many career opportunities
  • High reputation of German universities
  • Very low cost of tuition in comparison with other countries

Germany's universities are recognised internationally.

Public universities in Germany are funded by the federal states and do not charge tuition fees.  However, all enrolled students do have to pay a semester fee approximately 300-800 €.

Secondary education in Germany lasts 12-13 years while in Ukraine – 11 years that’s why you have to bridge the gap by completing 1 year at Studienkolleg or 1-2 years at the university in your country.

Foreign students lacking the entrance qualification can acquire a degree at Studienkolieg which is often recognized as an equivalent to the Abitur. The one-year course covers similar topics as the Abitur and ensures sufficient language skills to take up studies at a German university.

In order to enter the university of German – one must pass a language knowledge test in German – B2/C1.

The language of instruction in German universities is German. Some Master programs may be conducted in English. 

Higher education

Language courses

Required documents
  • Confirmation of financial security
  • CV or motivational letter
  • German language proficiency certificate (B2-C1)
  • Copy of the ID with personal data
  • School leaving certificate or university degree
  • A year of Bachelor's degree or Studienkolleg
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