Heidelberg university


The Heidelberg University founded in 1386 is the oldest university in Germany and one of the strongest research universities throughout all Europe. In the students’ training and assistance in the prospect of the early career of scientists’ aspects, Heidelberg relies on research teaching and the outstanding, well-structured training of doctoral candidates. 

Tuition fee for Non- EU citizens is €142,30 per semester

The university offers preparation of the Bachelor, Master and Doctor's programs in the following faculties:

- Faculty of Theology (direction: evangelism theology),
- Faculty of Law,
- Faculty of Philosophy and History,
- Faculty of Oriental Studies and Archeology,
- Faculty of New Philology,
- Faculty of a Neurobiology,
- Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences,
- Faculty of Behavioral Sciences and Cultural Studies,
- Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics,
- Faculty of Physics and Astronomy,
- Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Studies,
- Faculty of Biological Sciences
- Faculty of Medicine in Heidelberg
- Faculty of Medicine in Mannheim,
- Central Institute of Mental Health,
- Institute of Health Care, Social and Preventive Medicine.

Some Master's degree programs may be available in English.

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