Higher education
  • Teaching is in English
  • Possibility of dual diploma
  • Modern campus in one of the most prestigious districts of Barcelona

Spanish universities are among the best universities in the world for teaching quality.

Each university in Spain is autonomous and can make its own (sometimes substantial) changes to the program.

The Government of Spain is interested in international students, including Ukrainian students. This was repeatedly stated by his representatives at international educational conferences.

The main advantages of studying at the Spanish universities for Ukrainians are as follows:

  • high quality of education and professional teachers;
  • good funding of universities;
  • diploma of European standard;
  • comparatively low cost of tuition;
  •  opportunity to learn one of the most popular languages in the world;
  • possibility to travel across Europe during the study;
  • opportunity to work while studying;
  • high chances of finding a good job in one of the Spanish or European companies.
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